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BIO - ENERGETIC Wood Chip Saver (10-20% Savings - £270.00p).


Home Heating Systems, Improve The Burning Efficiency !    


Simply install the BIO-ENERGETIC - Wood - Chip - Saver anywhere on the drawing shaft. It will take 3 or 4 weeks to get maximum improvement. Now, you can save hundreds of pounds in wood costs and help our environment! It is advisable to keep track of your wood consumption over an extended period of time because heating varies from day to day and week to week, but you will see the difference! We recommend that you have a heating plant expert adjust the burning air use of the furnace / heating plant after 8 weeks to allow for the more efficient burning process (this can be done during annual service). The effect is produced by using a 'BIO-ENERGETIC' energy field, which is totally harmless to humans etc, with the correct term to be used being 'plasma technology' which is widely used in a variety of forms across the world today. The unit lasts for 30 yrs, comes with a 10 yr warranty, £3 million product liability insurance and is also suitable for treating wood pellets.

(N.B - International Shipping Now Available At Extra Cost - Free P&P To UK).

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