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BIO - ENERGETIC Gas Saver (10-20% Savings - £270.00p)


Home Heating Systems, Improve The Burning Efficiency !

(For boiler rating : Up to 70kW).

Simply install the BIO-ENERGETIC-Gas Saver, with a cable tie, anywhere on the gas line. You can use it with all types of gas. Now, you can save hundreds of pounds on gas costs and help our environment. Average savings on gas are 10-20% and can go up to 30%!

(We recommend that you have a heating plant expert adjust the burning air use of the boiler / heating plant after 8 weeks to allow for the more efficient burning process (this can be done during annual service). 

How does the BIO-ENERGETIC Gas Saver Work ?

The stick (not a magnetic device) is treated with a special, secret method. This enables the BIO-ENERGETIC Gas Saver to interact with the gas to change the molecular structure of carbon hydrogen atoms. This leads to a better burning process.  

The unit lasts for 30 yrs, comes with a 10 yr warranty, and £3 million product liability insurance.

For use only on Gas boilers

(N.B - International Shipping Now Available At Extra Cost - Free P&P To UK).

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