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Web Store

BIO - ENERGETIC Fuel Saver (Up To 36% Savings - £1,570.00p).


BIO - ENERGETIC Fuel Saver  Type 'XLPLus' For HGV.


* Save Fuel Up To 36%*. (Av 7-12% Savings For HGV's).

* Test Results & Testimonials On Request.

* Reduce Exhaust Gases Up to 90%.

* Additional Savings Of 5-15% By Changing To A Higher Gear At Lower   Speeds.

* All Kinds Of Vehicles Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motorbikes etc.

* Trucks Need Only One Fuel Saver.

* Guaranteed 30 years.

* 10 Yr Warranty (Material Defects) & £3 million Product Liability Ins.

* Bio - Energy - No Magnetic Field.

* Retrofit Device - No Change To Engine.

* TUV & CE Approved.

* Installation In Less Than 1 Minute.

* No Tools Required.



*(N.B - It takes 6 full tanks of fuel for BE - Fuelsaver to reach max performance. Prices available on request for any type of vehicle. International Shipping Now Available At Extra Cost - Free P&P To UK).


For further information please visit us on ebay :

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